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1933                 Born London

1946-51           Educated Malvern College.  Taught art by Harry Fabian-Ware

1953-56           Slade School of Fine Art, London




1965                Stockholm.  Galerie Bleue

1978                Norwich.  Maddermarket Theatre Gallery

1982                Norwich.  Maddermarket Theatre Gallery

1986                London.  Louise Hallett Gallery

1987                Bath.  Louise Hallett Gallery.  (Festival)

1989                Norwich.  Maddermarket Theatre Gallery

1990                London.  Vanessa Devereux Gallery

1991                Malvern.  The College

1994                London.  Michael Parkin Gallery

1994                Norwich.  Maddermarket Theatre Gallery

1995                London.  Ainscough Contemporary Art

1997                London.  Ainscough Contemporary Art

1999                Liverpool.  Ainscough Gallery




1954                Young Contemporaries.  Suffolk Street, London.

1955                Leicester Galleries, London.  'Artists of Fame and Promise'. 

                          Young Contemporaries.  Arts Council Touring Exhibition.

1956                Leicester Galleries, London.  'Artists of Fame and Promise'.

1962                Stone Gallery, Newcastle.  Two man exhibition with John Peace.

1963                National Museum of Wales.  'Contemporary Arts Society for Wales'.

                          New English Art Club.  116th exhibition.

                          Grabowski Gallery, London.  With Pat Douthwaite and Bill                           Featherstone.

                          Tunbridge Wells.  Nita D. Spac Gallery.

1964                 A.I.A. Gallery, London.  'Spring 64'.

                          London Group.

                          National Museum of Wales.  St. David's Exhibition. 

                          11th                Annual Open.  Contemporary Welsh painting.

1965                National Society.

                        A.I.A. Gallery, London.  February-March.

                        S.E.A. Pictures for Schools, London.

                        A.I.A. Gallery, London.  May-June.  Painting and Sculpture.

1966                S.E.A. Pictures for Schools.

                        Arts Council for Northern Ireland.  'Open Painting Exhibition.      Dublin.

1967                S.E.A. Pictures for Schools.

                        Mansard Gallery, London.  With Rosemary Clarke-Smith

                        A.I.A. Gallery, London.  Members Summer Exhibition.

1968                S.E.A. Pictures for Schools.

                        Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.  Contemporary Arts Society. 

                        'Recent Acquisitions'.

                        National Museum of Wales.  17th Exhibition.  'Pictures for Welsh                                  Schools'.

1969                National Museum of Wales.  18th Exhibition.  'Pictures for Welsh


                        A.I.A. Gallery, London.  Group Exhibition.

                        S.A.E. 'Pictures for Schools'.

1970                National Museum of Wales:  19th Exhibition.  ' Pictures for Welsh


1971                National Museum of Wales:  20th Exhibition.  'Pictures for Welsh


1972                National Museum of Wales:  21st Exhibition.  'Pictures for Welsh


                        Layer Marney Gallery, Nottingham.  Gallery 359.

1973                National Museum of Wales.  S.E.A. 'Pictures for Schools'.

1978                Norwich Castle Museum.  'Norwich 20 Group'.

1986                Picture Brokers, London.  Spring Exhibition.

                        Louise Hallett and Vanessa Devereux.  'Autumn Exhibition'.

1987                London.  'International Contemporary Art Fair'.

                        Wells, Somerset.  Sirota Gallery.

                        London.  'Islington Art Fair'.

                        Louise Hallett Gallery, London.  'Autumn Exhibition'.

1988                Louise Hallett Gallery London.  'Autumn Exhibition'.

1989                Chicago.  'International Art Exposition U.S.A.'.

                        Camden Arts Centre London.  'Arrobus Award Exhibition'.

1990                King's Lynn.  Eastern Open Exhibition.

                        London.  5th International Contemporary Art Fair.  Olympia.

                        London.  R.A. Summer Exhibition. (No. 2.)

                        Chicago.  International Fine Art Fair.

                        London.  Michael Parkin.  Summer Exhibition.

1991                London.  6th International Contemporary Art Fair.  Olympia.

                        Los Angeles.  Fine Art Fair.

                        London. R.A. Summer Exhibition.  No. 569)

                        London.  Connaught Brown.  'The Affordable Art Company'.                            London.  Vanessa Devereux Gallery.  With Bridget McCrum.

1992                London.  International Fine Art Fair.  Islington.

                        Vanessa Devereux Gallery.  January.

                        Bury St. Edmunds.  The Clock Museum.  ' 9 East Anglian Artists'.

                        London.  Summer Exhibition.  Royal Academy.  (1480).

                        London.  Pall Mall Deposit.  Vanessa Devereux Gallery.  ' An

                        Evening of Contradition'.

1993                                King's Lynn.  Eastern Open Exhibition 1993.  Awarded the         PAINTING PRIZE  and ANGLIA WATER AWARD.

                        London.  (Whiteleys).  Michael Parkin Gallery.  'Affordable British

                        Art Show'.

                        London.  Summer Exhibition.  Royal Academy.  (Nos:  1665 and                                  1666).

1994                King's Lynn.  Eastern Open Exhibition.  (No. 40).

                        London.  Summer Exhibition.  Royal Academy.  (Nos. 757, 1082,                                1083).

                        Bury St. Edmunds.  The Art Gallery.  September.  'The Painters'

                        Landscape'.  With Kenneth Draper R.A. and William Mills.

1995                London.  Royal Academy.  Summer Exhibition.  (Nos. 143 and


                        London.  Ainscough Contemporary Art.  September.

                        Kent.  Mereworth.  Nicola Woodhead Contemporary Art.


1996                Aldeburgh 100.  October.

                        London.  Royal Academy.  Summer Exhibition.  (No. 777).

                        King's Lynn.  Eastern Open.  (No. 35).  March- May.

                        Bury St. Edmunds.  Moyse's Hall Museum.  '10 East Anglian Artists'.


1997                Bury St. Edmunds.  Art Gallery 25th Anniversary.  May-June.

                        London.  Royal Academy .  Summer Exhibition.  (No. 11).

1999                King's Lynn.  Eastern Open (No. 72)

                        London.  Royal Academy. Summer Exhibition.  (No. 964)       

2000                London.  Royal Academy. Summer Exhibition.  (No. 581)

                        King's Lynn. Eastern Open.  (No. 35)

2001                London.  Royal Academy. Summer Exhibition.  Nos. (291 and 299)

                        Holt.  Bircham Contemporary Art.

2002                London.  Oliver Contemporary Opening Exhibition.  Feb.

                        London.  Art London.  Duke of York Barracks.  May.

                        London.  Oliver Contemporary.  ‘The Land’.  June.

                        London.  R.A. Summer Exhibition.  (No. 620).





             Contemporary Arts Society, London

             Nuffield Foundation

             Oxfordshire Education Committee

             British Transport Commission

             Swedish Merchant Bank, Malmo

             Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm

             National Museum of Wales, SchoolsService

            Coventry Education Authority

            Newport Museum and Art Gallery

            Plymouth Art Gallery





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